Toy Giveaways That Will Make Your Kids Squeal!


Remember when you were a kid, and in between those beloved Saturday morning cartoons, you’d see commercials for pretty much the coolest toys to ever exist in the history of forever? It seemed that way anyway, right? Remember running to your parents with excitement bubbling over asking to please please please please please call the 1-800 number on the screen right now or your life would be over? Now what I hear around my house instead of course is “Mama you have to go to this website!” but it’s all the same.

Kids fall in love with the unique toys As Seen on Tv that truly can’t be found pretty much anywhere else. And I have to admit, I have a bit of an addiction to infomercial channels (which could be related to that excitement as a child I guess) and can watch someone tell me about the features of a blender for HOURS. So if they get me in front of the show at the right time, I’m likely to be sold and want to try the fun toys as much as they do.

And so I am overflowing with glee to share with you that we are giving away three of the hottest ‘As Seen on Tv’ toys! Now, I know, you may have no clue what these toys are – “I haven’t seen them in stores…” you may think. But just humor me for a moment. Ask your kids to come over for a moment (if they aren’t already back in school!) and just barely mention the names of these three toys: Teddy Tanks, Ball Pets, or Phantom Saucer. Then swiftly cover your ears. Because they will be squealing. (Yes, even if you limit TV time in your house. If they haven’t heard of these fun products watching the videos, they’ve heard about them from their friends.)


We had a blast setting up our giraffe Teddy Tank, and taking a trip to the pet store to pick out a new pet fish. Now, don’t tsk tsk me yet. If you aren’t up for getting a new living, breathing creature or your kids are too young for that kind of responsibility, don’t worry. The teddy tank can hold anything, like a coin collection, or whatever random items your child can come up with. Kids love to store things and see them displayed. But since my son is entering first grade, he’s definitely old enough to take care of a new little swimming friend (with my help).

The kids picked out an orange betta and named him (her?) Fireball. Not sure where they came up with that name, but hey, it works. I’m not a fish person, and I don’t know much about aquariums, so I carefully read up via trusty Google how to care for a betta and transfer it to the new home. The kids love feeding it through the giraffe’s mouth, turning on the light to watch him swim around, and using the fun recorder on the Teddy Tank’s ears to leave cute messages for Fireball. And of course my little girly girl is already asking to order new bowties (or hairbows, since she insists the giraffe is a girl despite my son claiming it’s a boy) for it.

Oh, and the cats hate me now, but I do love that the tank is covered so they can’t help themselves to a little treat.


You can watch more about Teddy Tanks here:


My daughter’s favorite is definitely Ball Pets. I don’t know what it is about watching a little stuffed toy disappear and reappear over and over that keeps one so entertained, but I have to admit even I absentmindedly play with it if it’s laying nearby. Ball Pets come in so many fun colors and different animals, my little ones want to collect them all.


And the Phantom Saucer – one word: WOW. I watched the video over and over wondering how it worked. I was worried there would be crazy instructions or electronic components I couldn’t quite figure out, but no. I can’t give away the magic, but this is my son’s favorite new toy. Admittedly I was pretty bad at it, but both kids were like little masters – and got such a thrill showing Grandma and Dada their new skills. It’s pretty impressive and they definitely enjoyed mesmerizing us.

So here’s your chance to win your very own Teddy Tank, Ball Pet, or Phantom Saucer. You can enter to win just one, or all three toy giveaways. For the mandatory entries that are duplicated on each prize, you are only required to do each task once. Good luck!

 Enter to Win Here!

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Disclosure: We were sent full size products as compensation to sample and review from Telebrands in order to facilitate this giveaway post. As always all opinions are 100% my own, and I thank you for supporting brands that support The American Mama.


  1. Daniel Scott says

    While I like all the toys, the Teddy Tank is my favorite. It is absolutely adorable and kids would love it..

  2. Daniel Scott says

    I would love to win the Teddy Tank for my wife’s kindergarten class. It wouldn’t need to contain real fist for the kids to enjoy it.

  3. Daniel Scott says

    I like the Teddy Tank, this would be perfect for my wife’s classroom. I’m sure the kids would love it.

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