Prepping the Nursery and Soaking up The Last of Summer Sunshine

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Labor day is almost here! No, not just that Labor Day, MY labor day. I’m in my 36th week of my third pregnancy, and while in some ways it feels like it has flown by, there are other ways I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever. Any mom knows these last few weeks are like molasses, but having experienced so much already in previous births, I feel no need to make anything happen differently than it will happen this time. Babies come when they are ready and since it’s my little boy’s last week before first grade, I am content soaking up the last few days of summer with all the sunshine and fresh air we can get.

If you follow me on social media, you probably heard that my little tummy monster decided to flip breech last week. This is partially, probably due to my gestational diabetes which can cause fluids to be a little on the high side. The perinatologist says my levels are still normal, but that he definitely has more than a baby at this stage should have – enough to swim and do flips. And that’s saying something being that his growth scan at 32 weeks clocked him in at 6.5 estimated pounds. My next growth scan is Friday, and while I’m aware these are very often wrong, there’s one thing everyone can agree on – this baby is huge. Oh how I miss my belly button. And I’ve never had a breech baby before, so all these new sensations are so strange. I’m never quite sure what body part is moving where. I figured that needing to do some underwater headstands last weekend was a good excuse to spend the day at the pool. The weather was perfect and the kids had so much fun.


But of course, this stubborn kiddo is still breech as far as I can tell. My first son came at 37 weeks and already 8lbs 4oz, so that fact coupled with my newly diagnosed diabetes this pregnancy – my doctor is not expecting me to last much longer at all. And then there’s the c-section possibility due to shoulder dystocia and/or an upside down footling breech baby – but that’s another story. The only thing I am looking forward to is holding this little one in my arms, instead of my exhausted pelvis. And for that matter, I’m not expecting to last much longer either. All the classic “your body is getting ready” signs this week are getting me hopeful. And also reminding me to relax, because thankfully I have almost all the finishing touches on the nursery ready.


Nursery is a term I use loosely. I would not call my parenting traditional in that sense, because I quickly learned 7 years ago that a baby in another room is a baby that cries and can’t be reached quickly. While there are plenty of labels for this, I’m sure, such as attachment parenting or co-sleeping or bed-sharing or whatever new fancy term people come up with – to me it’s just common sense. And while every family should choose what’s best for them – having the “nursery” in the corner of our bedroom, within footsteps of my side of the bed is what works for us. Baby can see me, easily feed, cuddle in the bed or glider (yes, that is a back massage machine attached to my glider hiding so inconspicuously under the cute blue blanket = genius), and lay back down in his own crib if I need a little extra space. On top of eliminating a need for expensive video baby monitors, among other things, this just provides so many benefits during the first 6 months of baby’s life in our household. Plus having diapers and wipes pretty much within arms reach at any moment of the night is pretty useful.

Both of my kids so far seem to have inherited my sensitive skin, especially my daughter who struggled with severe full-body eczema the first few months of her life. While those little indicator lines on mainstream diapers given out in hospitals seem like a great idea in theory, they are just not worth it in comparison to persistent diaper rashes. And let’s be honest – babies pee, a lot. Pretty much if you are checking the diaper, guess what, the baby probably peed. With my son, we used traditional disposables for the first few months before cloth diapers and green lifestyles really became chic or accessible in 2008. After we moved to Miami, the heat combined with his diaper rash made for some sad days spent crying and I knew I had to make a switch. I found Seventh Generation at our local Whole Foods and decided to give them a try, and never really looked back. We no longer needed all the chemical creams for his little bum, and I felt good about the product too. Plus, the photos we have of him running around in the natural colored little diapers are priceless.

With my daughter, I was very very into doing everything as natural as possible. While I used and still use many Seventh Generation products around our house (I have a serious obsession with their dishwasher powder – I can’t find one that cleans better), I decided to try cloth diapering with this kiddo. I bought some covers and inserts and prepped myself with all the knowledge I thought I needed. But I didn’t factor in just how much work it would be to keep up with laundry and two toddlers and keeping her sensitive skin dry so often which meant changing an exclusively breastfed baby’s diaper way more than I was prepared for. We also lived a very fast paced lifestyle at the time, and couldn’t leave the building without a stroller packed with stuff, an elevator ride to the parking garage, a few levels down to the street, and traffic to wherever we were going before another stroller and carseat shuffle into yet another elevator just to pick up groceries. (Whew, still with me?) So changing a diaper as often as I needed to was difficult and with the heat of south Florida on a summer baby’s bottom, her chronic rash was hopeless. Back to disposables we went. The traditional brands at first, until I realized that a few years had passed and somehow these products had become even worse than before, with “more absorbency” and “super mega wow crazy dry” marketing really meaning more chemicals and strange flaky gel particles stuck to her skin.


This time, I’m not even thinking about it. While we sadly don’t live that close to a Whole Foods anymore, I absolutely love that Seventh Generation is so widely available now. My local Target keeps all the products well stocked (if I don’t remember to order online in time before we run out), and I already have my diapers ready (mostly stage 1 already, because, hello did you hear both my kids were born little porkers above 8lbs even without the diabetes factor?) and stocked in our “nursery”. And wipes were not even on my baby shopping list, because with a six year old boy and three year old girl, messes are pretty much part of the territory around here. There is simply no baby wipe that compares to the size, thickness, and durability of Seventh Generation wipes. While a lot of brands market to be soft and gentle and pillowy and smelly and blah blah blah – let me tell you a little secret. If you aren’t getting the job done with one wipe, you aren’t buying the right wipes. To me this is top priority – and the other benefits (dye free, fragrance free, hypoallergenic, free of parabens) are wonderful but all come in second honestly. Plus using one wipe per task vs. ten wipes really adds up cost wise, so they are doubly eco-friendly for your wallet. We keep a tub of these in the dining room, a package in the car, in my purse, and in the bathrooms. Every time I turn around I feel like I’m wiping off chocolate or unknown gooey substances from my little ones’ faces or the puddle they’ve created around their feet. I even use these to take off my waterproof mascara because I can’t find anything that works better.

Did you know?

Seventh Generation diapers contain absolutely no fragrances, petroleum-based lotions or chlorine processing.

Diaper Features I Feel Good About:
Baby Diapers that are free of chlorine processing
Unbleached brown core fiber
Diapers for babies with premium absorbency & leak protection
Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers
Free of fragrances, inks, & petroleum-based lotions


But I can hear you now, especially if you are a cloth diaper advocate and pinterest recipe baby-wipe-maker. They are disposable products – HOW can they be good for our carbon footprint and whatnot? Here’s how:

Seventh Generation has developed the first FSC® Certified Diaper made in the
United States, meaning that they are recognized for sustainable practices.

FSC® Standards are top notch and independent:
• Encourage healthy forest growth and prohibit the harvest of rare, old-growth forests
• Prevents loss of natural forest cover and prohibits highly hazardous chemicals from use
• Total transparency of completed forest management audits require public disclosure, even on private

You can learn more about FSC® certification here.


Tell me though, is there anything sweeter than the tiny size of the diapers that our worlds sometimes revolve around as moms? Although the next couple of years can be a blur until potty training begins, you will look back on these times fondly. I love knowing I will feel good about what I put on my baby’s skin, now and in the future. And ahhhhhh there’s about to be a little baby bottom in this diaper!

Do you cloth diaper or use disposables? What’s important to you when purchasing baby products? How do you #FreeYourBaby from harmful chemicals or products? Share a comment below!



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