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Can you believe July is already almost over? I know must of us are shopping for back to school supplies and already figuring out calendars and schedules stretching into the busiest season of the year. Personally, I’m juggling all this with blogging and making sure I’m ready to pop – quite literally – in the last few weeks of my third trimester. So my word of the year week is: pampering. popsugar-must-have-box

It’s so important to pamper ourselves and get excited over little things. Which is why I love the POPSGUAR Must Have Box and I am so happy to share with you an exclusive $10 off a 3-month subscription! But this code (Promo code: JULY14SELECT entered at https://musthave.popsugar.com/) is only valid through July 31, 2014 – so after you get done oogling all my pretties I’m in love with below – hurry to sign up and make sure you get to take advantage of this offer. When your boxes arrive as we head into the end of the year, and you’ll have already forgotten that you treated yourself to them, you will thank me.

So how does it work? Three easy steps:

Join: POPSUGAR offers several different subscription options. The 3-month is $39.95/mo (but less if you use the promo code above).

Receive: Every month, you get a box of fun, full-size products hand-selected by POPSUGAR editors. These products (beauty, fashion, home, fitness, and food) are top of the line and often brand new on the market.

Enjoy: There is something so fun about unwrapping surprises – you’ll be looking forward to the UPS guy more than ever. And your friends will wonder if you hit the jackpot because honestly, even one item in the box usually pays for the subscription.

Here’s what I got, and LOVE:

josi beach hatTHIS Michael Stars (www.michaelstars.com, retails $34.00) HAT. Totally adorable. Perfect for the beach or just a day spent soaking up those end-of-summer rays. My favorite thing about this hat vs all my other floppy beach hats is the material. It bends and stays where you put it. So no annoying gusts of wind blowing it off your head, and it folds down perfectly to fit in a tote bag. baby-girl-beach-hat-popsugar-must-have-box

I had this cute little thief try to take it, but eventually got it back when she was more interested in swimming and sandcastles.


These Sun Bum lotion  (retail $11.99 each) and Dang toasted coconut chips (retail $39+ for 12 snack packs) which were perfect for the beach. The lotions are hypoallergenic and have only a few ingredients, and the chips – wow, so addictive. Vegan, gluten-free, great source of fiber and the kids love them. Even at home they make you feel like you’re somewhere tropical. I snacked on a few and then topped some chocolate ice cream (carbsmart, damn you gestational diabetes) later that night.

popsugar-must-have-mascaraThis Revlon mascara, plus a $1 coupon to buy more of it. (Retail $7.99 drugstores) In case you can’t tell in the photo, I have blonde eyelashes. Blonde everything actually. TMI, maybe, sorry. But it gives me great bragging rights that I can skip a day or two of shaving and not want to die of embarrassment. However, the lashes game can never be natural. They are also SUPER long, which is just genetically unfair – I mean why give me such long lashes that no one can see?? Anyway, I need a high volume, usually dark dramatic black mascara to look well, human. This was not my favorite product in the box since I love my usual mascara – but I gave it to my mom, and she was thrilled. (Another great perk of the must have box = easy gifts if you need them!)


This jump rope (retail $11.99) – which I wish I could use. Maybe around 38-39 weeks if I still have a bun in the oven you’ll see me posting Instagram videos of a 9 month pregnant chick jump roping, trying to jump start labor. Maybe not. But my husband had fun trying to jump with our 3 year old daughter. Apparently it’s not one of his strong skills (haha) but with the help of some youtube videos, they were both learning (relearning in his case) and got some cardio in. I can’t wait to use this postpartum when I have clearance.

popsugar-must-have-saladThese salad servers that I was so excited to use, I forgot to keep the tag! So I can’t tell you where they are from or how much they normally cost. But I love the pop of color and chevron design.

popsugar-must-have-box-paper-straw-soda popsugar-must-have-box-paper-straws-chevronAnd a sure way to my event-planning heart – these bright and playful paper party straws! Maybe my favorite thing in the box along with the hat.

So don’t forget – July 31, 2014 is your last day to use the promo code!


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