“Birthday Bash” Natural Nail Polish Giveaway: My Princess is 3!

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Are you ready for an overload of pink? My little princess just turned three years old, and while I’m fully aware that in 5-10 flown-by years there may come a phase of “No, Mom, I’m NOT wearing a pink dress.”……. right now I am totally content with indulging in her every pink, purple, sparkly little princess wish.

And in honor of her wonderful girly splendor, we are giving away a “Birthday Bash” (value $24.99) set of natural nail polishes from Piggy Paint! Plus, just for The American Mama readers: Piggy Paint is offering a 15% discount that can be redeemed on Piggypaint.com. Use the promo code piggypaint5 before August 31, 2014!


As much as I love love love to plan birthday parties and events, being so ridiculously ready to pop (34 weeks) changes things a bit. Playing hostess and arranging bounce houses, invitations, RSVPs, and catering or homemade food sounds like a fairytale in a once upon a time land of non-swollen ankles. The great news is that all a three year old really cares about is cake, and presents. So to friends and family feeling like I cheated you out of a celebration – sorry. But not really. Our daughter totally enjoyed our little “party” at home and feeling like she was the center of attention.

We spent a few hours playing at a local park, making her feel special at every chance. Then we ordered pizza of her choice, opened all her pink, glitzy presents and enjoyed the very pink, princess strawberry cake I made earlier that day.

dad-throwing-girl-in-air kids-at-park-brother-sister kids-at-playground

Since taking it easy is the name of the game until baby comes, I definitely took some shortcuts on this cake. Boxed strawberry cake mix, pre-made pink fondant ready to be rolled, a jar of vanilla whipped frosting, and some inexpensive princess party favors as toppers. But I think it came out pretty spectacular, anyway. (My grandmother is probably tsk-tsking me somewhere up there for not baking from scratch.)

princess-birthday-cake-pink toddler-three-year-old-smiling

The little diva had a great time though, and we all enjoyed ourselves – with lots of cute pictures to capture memories.

baby-third-birthday-mama-kissing dad-girl-birthday-cake girl-blowing-out-candles-birthday-cake

And just as what goes up must come down, a child that eats an overload of sugar must go a little crazy. She totally loved the princess wands and was pretending to turn everyone into a pumpkin. Thank goodness for patient Grandma.grandma-crazy-birthday-girl

My little boy and I spent the weekend before scouring the toy store for all she asked for – which wasn’t much but just perfect (and of course we couldn’t resist a few extra gifts). She wanted princess dress-up outfits, a tea set, and a new doggy toy. Even her beloved Lucy doll (the $0.25 dirty old baby doll we found at a thrift store a couple of years ago that hasn’t left her side since, despite any dolls she’s been given) got a much needed makeover since I found a princess dress in her size.


And because she is such a little lady (sometimes, ahem), she absolutely loved her new nail polishes. Anytime I give myself a pedicure, which, any mom knows is not an easy or even possible task at this point in pregnancy, she’s always begging to paint her nails too. Usually I oblige and at least paint her toes, but there’s something about toddler finger nails that makes polish disappear like magic. Probably the fact that her hands are in EVERYTHING including her mouth, 24/7. So I’m always hesitant to use traditional polish on her precious little digits, especially the over the top glitter she loves to paint on top of blue to look like a certain icy princess. (Gah, that song.)

So needless to say I was very excited to try Piggy Paint! Just a few things to love about this safe, natural polish:

Virtually odorless
Fun, vibrant colors
Premium water-based formula
Dries to a hard, durable finish
Safe during pregnancy
Made in USA

Not to mention the pigs are seriously adorable. And with the “Toe-Tally Fancy” and “Make it Last” sets we had, it was easy for her to pick out her favorite bright colors, and using the basecoat and topcoat, make sure they don’t chip within a day. I have to say I am always skeptical of natural beauty products because I so love my favorite cosmetics, but Piggy Paints exceeded my expectations. No chemical smell at all, the colors are actually vibrant instead of sheer, and I feel great about putting it on her little fingers.

I hope she never outgrows that excited squeal when she says “Look, I’m beautiful!” at the end of getting hair or nails done. Melts my heart. Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl!

girl-nail-polish-natural nail-polish-little-girl-smiling

Piggy Paint is so popular, it’s chosen by celebrity moms and featured in dozens of publications. And it’s not hard to see why now that I’ve tried it.

Here’s your chance to win your own “Birthday Bash” Piggy Paint Gift Set (value $24.99), which includes Jazz It Up ( a pink shimmer), Sea-quin (a matte turquoise) and Groovy Grape (shimmer purple). If you know a little girl who would love this, or even a grown-up girl, please share with friends and use the hashtag #piggypaint!


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  1. Tricia Graf McBroom says

    i love the fact that they aren’t filled with nasty chemicals like a lot of other products are.

  2. Cathy E says

    I’d love to give my 4-year daughter these. She loves when I have “pretty pink nails” and keeps asking for her own!


  3. Elizabeth says

    I would use this on myself, honestly. I’ve found a few natural polishes that are intended for kids, but I prefer to use them over the more toxic adults-only formulas. I’m really happy there’s an expanding market of natural nail polishes out there!

  4. Melanie Dzyak says

    I love to do my nails and my little cousins like to do theirs too. I’d love to let them use them.

  5. Karen Glatt says

    I like that it is nontoxic and odorless. My niece and I would have so much fun using these cute all Natural Nail Polish!

  6. Keisha says

    I just had my first girl, two boys previously, and little miss clearly must have her toes painted! I would only want to use non-toxic polish so this package would be wonderful!!!

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