35 Easy Back to School Snack Ideas – Free Printable List!


Can you believe it’s already time for kids to go back to school? While it’s bittersweet and I am missing summer days with everyone at home already, I’m also very much looking forward to settling back into our normal routine, and having one less kiddo to entertain 7 days a week. (Although I’m kind of trading that in for a um..newborn crying every minute I’m trying to work from home.)

But as much as I love love love routine and organization, and of course any excuse to go shopping (in case you missed it, you can win $500 zulily credits here!), there’s that part about actually having to get everything ready to feel organized that kind of gets in the way sometimes. Even though my son ate breakfast and lunch at school in kindergarten, he was required to take a daily snack. I’m not sure yet if he will be needing a snack in first grade, but I do know that little growing boys are usually ravenous after school. Kids can easily eat everything in sight after a day of learning, and having easy snacks ready to plate, or pack on the go, is an essential in my kitchen.

(Download printable via link at the bottom of the post for proper size/resolution)back-to-school-snack-idea-list

So here is my go to list of some classics and creative ideas for keeping my little ones bellies full between meals, and easily tossing in lunchboxes. While I adore the many Pinterest posts of penguin shaped bananas and cutesy kitten bento boxes, let’s be honest – who has time for that most days. The ones with asterisks contain peanuts or nuts, FYI, just in case your child’s class or school is peanut free. Always check the packaging otherwise, of course. The great thing about this list is that 1- I feel good about giving them healthy bites that they won’t get bored of easily, and 2- I can nibble on them too without ruining my diet. Oh, and if you need an amazing banana bread recipe – I may be able to point you in the right direction. Wink wink.

It’s funny because when I asked my husband for snack ideas while creating this list, almost everything he could think of were um… unhealthy to say the least. Things he snacked on as a kid maybe in the 80’s haha. Pudding cups, neon orange cheese puffs, and gummy bears topped his list, and I couldn’t help but laugh and thank him and move my laptop to the other end of the living room. But he’s right about one thing – kids love fun food, and I love finding food that seems like classic snacks but is much healthier. Two of my favorite brands include Barbara’s and Snikiddy.


My kids love Barbara’s Puffins in peanut butter and cinnamon (these have a molasses flavor that remind me of pumpkin pie or ginger snaps, and my three year old is always reminding me those are “her snacks” when I’m crunching on them), and I love that they are easy to pack in a ziploc or snack bowl on the go without messing up their hands or getting smudges all over the car. Barbara’s also has adorable and delicious Snackimals cookies in sweet flavors. The best part though, is that all of their products are Non-GMO certified and most are gluten-free or vegan. And you have to love the adorable story of how they began the Project Puffin.

My other go-to brand for healthy snacks that don’t feel healthy is Snikiddy. These feel like you are being really guilty. My kids devour bags of the Cheddar Baked Fries and the Bold Buffalo ones are seriously addicting. And yet, Snikiddy baked fries are:

  • Certified Gluten Free (Wheat Free too)
  • Made with non GMO Potatoes & Corn
  • 50% Less fat than regular potato chips
  • NO MSG, Cholesterol Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • Made in a facility that does not manufacture any products containing peanuts or treenuts

Which makes all that guilt disappear.

What are your kid’s favorite school snacks? If there are any you love that aren’t on the list, please share in the comments below! And I hope you find this printable list helpful!


35 Back to School Snack Ideas CLICK HERE to Download PDF from my Google Drive
Print on 8×11 Letter Size Paper


*Disclosure: We were sent full size samples of Snikiddy Baked Fries and vouchers to purchase Barbara’s products available in our local store. I was not compensated in any other way for this post, and as always my opinions are 100% my own. I thank you for supporting brands that support The American Mama.


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